Laboratory women Boiron
Laboratory women Boiron

Who are we ?

Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot
Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot

A word from Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot

“Aware that patients worldwide are seeking safe healthcare, we provide them all with safe, quality medicines thanks to our unique expertise in homeopathy…”

Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, CEO
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Boiron key figures

  • no.1World

    World no. 1 in homeopathy

  • 50Countries

    50 countries A laboratory on a human scale, open to the world

  • 200million

    200 million people worldwide use homeopathic medicines (1)

  • 1French company

    1 French company with locally controlled production

  • 2.801Employees

    2801 committed employees worldwide

(1) Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI website) - Resources / Essential evidence / Homeopathy use

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Guaranteeing raw materials of consistent quality

Our homeopathic medicines make the most of the therapeutic properties of thousands of substances of various origins: plant, mineral/chemical and animal (e.g. venom). For their collection or cultivation, we call upon farmers, producers and professional pickers, giving preference to short channels. All cultivated plants we use are naturally GM-free. Therefore, to ensure the perfect traceability of each raw material, we determine specifications for collection sites and conditions, and our partners are regularly audited.

Varied raw materials

  • 1.020 authorised stocks registered.

    1.020authorised stocks registered.

  • 51% of our stocks are of plant origin.

    51%of our stocks are of plant origin.

  • 29% of our stocks are of mineral and chemical origin.

    29%of our stocks are of mineral and chemical origin.

  • 20% of our stocks are of animal origin.

    20%of our stocks are of animal origin.

Biodiversity-friendly collections

According to the good plant stock collection practices defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), our specifications for collections require:
- fostering the sustainability of plant resources
- optimising the traceability of plant substances
- and preserving the environment and biotopes.
They also apply to the cultivation of species that do not exist in the wild or species endangered by the collection due to the quantities used.

Research and innovation
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Manufacturing process under stris surveillance

Upon arrival on our sites, all raw materials undergo rigorous quality controls. These organoleptic, botanical and physical-chemical controls are performed by qualified professionals. This guarantees the use of stocks, water and air of the utmost quality and perfectly traceable. Throughout the manufacturing process, our chemistry, bacteriology and botany laboratories perform approximately 30,000 checks per year. To do this, we rely on our 120 pharmacists in France and on our own analysis laboratories.

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