Cookie policy

Last updated on July 18, 2023.

This cookie policy provides you with information about the origin and use of navigational information processed when using our site. This policy is therefore important for you, who wish to have a positive and confident experience of our services, and for us, who wish to respond accurately and completely to your questions about the use of our site and to take account of your wishes.
When you visit our site, 'cookies' may be deposited on your terminal, subject to the choices you have indicated concerning cookies, which you may modify at any time.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files deposited on your computer when you visit our website. Cookies are used by Laboratoires BOIRON to send information to your browser and to enable your browser to send information back to Laboratoires BOIRON.
We use both original cookies and third-party cookies. These cookies are intended to provide you with optimized browsing and personalized content, to compile visit statistics and to offer you targeted advertising such as banners displayed on other sites.

User's opposition to the use of cookies by the site

Users may refuse to accept cookies by configuring their browser software.
For information, the steps to follow in order to configure your browser to oppose the recording of 'cookies' files are available at the following addresses:

If you decide to deactivate cookies, you may continue to browse the Site. However, any malfunctioning of the Site caused by this manipulation cannot be considered to be the fault of the Site editor.
To find out more about cookies, please visit the CNIL website.

What types of cookies are used on our site?

The cookies we use on the site:

  • Compulsory cookies for technical operation: to record session data, enabling you to move from one page to another without losing information, and to record your consent to the use of cookies by the site. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning and display of the site.
  • Statistical cookies: to optimize our website, detect any technical problems you may encounter, measure the audience and analyze site usage.
  • Functional cookies: these allow the site to save users’ preferences. For example, they can be used to remember preferences such as page layout, text size and colours, and preferences regarding the collection of cookies.
    Some features of this site (video playback, statistical tracking), rely on services offered by third-party sites for example, when you visit a page containing embedded videos from YouTube or links to this site. These features deposit cookies; if you wish, consult the policies of said third-party websites for information on their use of cookies. These cookies are only placed on your terminal if you agree to them. You can accept or refuse them :
  • for all services ;
  • or service by service.

What is the purpose of internal cookies on our site?

The cookies we issue on our site are used for the following purposes:

  • To monitor traffic and the use of the various services on our site;
  • To adapt the content and presentation of our site to the display preferences of your terminal and your previous browsing;
  • To adapt the effectiveness of the site's services.

List of cookies for the site

On your first visit to, a banner informs you of the presence of these 'cookies' and invites you to indicate your choice. They are only stored if you accept them.
Laboratoires Boiron undertakes to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk.

1/ Mandatory cookies

[Owner's name: Commanders Act] - TC_PRIVACY: This cookie records the choices made by site users concerning all cookies.
Cookie data is stored for 13 months.
[Owner's name: Commanders Act] - TC_PRIVACY Center: This cookie tracks site users' choices regarding cookies. Cookie data is stored for 13 months.
[Owner's name: Commanders Act] - TCPID: This cookie tracks site users' choices regarding all cookies. Cookie data is stored for 13 months.

2/ Statistics cookies

[Owner's name: Matomo] _pk_ref: Used by Matomo to store attribution information (the web page previously visited) and allow the initial referrer to use cookies to visit the site.
This cookie is used to store attribution information. Cookie data is stored for 6 months.
[Owner's name: Matomo] _pk_cvar_pk_ses: Used to temporarily store data related to site visits.
This cookie is used to store for a short time data relating to the visit to the site. Cookie data is stored for 30 minutes.
[Owner's name: Matomo] _pk_id: Used to store user details such as visitor ID.
This cookie is used to store information in order to recognize the user. Cookie data is stored for 13 months.
[Owner's name: Matomo] mtm_consent, mtm_consent_removed, mtm_cookie_consent: Used to remember that consent has been given or withdrawn by the user.
This cookie records user consent. Cookie data is stored for 30 years.
[Owner's name: Matomo] matomo_ignore: Used when you opt out of site tracking.
This cookie records the user's choice to be excluded from site tracking. Cookie data is stored for 30 years.
[Owner's name: Matomo] matomo_sessid: Used when you use the opt-out function.
This cookie manages the way in which the user wishes to use the site (it is important to note that this cookie contains no data enabling the user to be identified and is considered an 'essential' cookie). The data is stored for 14 days.
[Owner's name: Matamo]_pk_hsr: Used when using the Heatmap or Session Recording function.
This cookie is used to understand how users interact on the website. Data is stored for 30 minutes.
For further information, please consult Google's 'Matomo Privacy Policy' at the following address:

3/ Functional cookie

[Owner's name: Boiron] - rgpd: This cookie is used to identify users' choices concerning all cookies.
The data is stored on the user's computer for the duration of the session.
You can set your cookie preferences below:

4/ Advertising cookie

[Owner's name: Google] - gads: This is a cookie used to offer personalized advertising. This cookie makes it possible to adapt content to your centers of interest.
The data is stored on the user's computer for a period of 13 months.


Laboratoires BOIRON uses subcontractors to implement the cookies used. The subcontractors are exhaustively listed above. Any personal data resulting from cookies is consequently processed by the subcontractors chosen by Laboratoires BOIRON within the limits of Laboratoires BOIRON's written instructions.
Laboratoires BOIRON makes every effort and takes all possible organizational measures to ensure compliance with its instructions. However, Laboratoires BOIRON cannot guarantee any use made without its knowledge by its subcontractors that exceeds the authorized scope of its instructions.